An Overview

About RiSiKo

RiSiKo is German for “taking calculated risks to achieve extraordinary returns”.

RiSiKo Consulting LLP is a business consulting and advisory firm, specializing in risk management, turnaround (Restructuring, Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Liquidation) strategies and scaling-up family managed businesses. The company caters to clients across industries and business environments within India, Dubai and USA.

RiSiKo is proud to become a strategic partner of Adam Global network having presence in 5 Continents, 64 Countries, 114 Cities with 1800 professionals worldwide.

Our Capabilities

From Risk to Reward, RiSiKo lends its expertise to your business, providing an edge over competition and enabling it to exceed its potential. We develop strategic interventions within the professional and managerial frameworks, to support key business activities. Our focus areas include:

Risk Advisory

Identifying and analyzing key risk areas, and developing a suitable mitigation strategy.

Valuation & Forensic Analysis

A high-quality audit, assurance and fair valuation, Fraud & Forensic Analysis to enable smooth business functioning.

Retainership & Outsourcing

Ensuring cost efficiency, accountability and expert support for enhanced productivity.

Strategic & Financial Advisory

Identifying the most pragmatic option to imbibe potential growth and secured financial structuring.

Turnaround & Crisis Management

Reviving your business from a financial and/ or operational setback and ensuring business continuity.

Transaction Advisory

Strategies for managing capital by raising, investing and optimizing spending across transactions.

Lender Relationship Management

Enabling ease in establishing funding relationship as well as maintaining post-funding relationship, paperwork and functionality guidance.

Family Owned Business Transformation

Transforming your Family Owned Business to gear up for the next generation.

Advantage RiSiKo

RiSiKo believes in the partnership approach. Excellence in our area of expertise, extensive reach and a culture of unwavering business ethics is what defines us. At RiSiKo, we work very closely with our clients to deliver exceptional, effective and sustainable results.