Retainership & Outsourcing

Managing resource is the most intricate challenge faced by any enterprise. As business complexities increase, an organization needs to channelize its core resources towards the most business-critical tasks while the peripheral tasks need to be outsourced.

RiSiKo helps you identify the non-core tasks and zero-in on the right strategic outsourcing partners (either within, or outside the ambit of RiSiKo) who can work as the extended arm of your company. We help you to select the most appropriate and the most qualified strategic outsourcing partners for your specific needs. From payroll and accounting and human resource to back-office tasks and marketing, RiSiKo helps you “do more with less”.

Service Offerings

  • Outsourcing- Payroll & Accounting
  • Retainership
  • Audit Preparedness
  • Support in Road Show
  • Data Analytical & Mining