Nation – Call for Proposal – Fighting COVID – 19

Technology Development Board (website – a statutory body of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, invites proposals applications from Indian companies and enterprises to address protection and home-based respiratory intervention for COVID – 19 patients. 

The proposal may include technologically innovative solution towards:

-Low cost masks which can capture virus from air and absorb respiratory droplets

-Cost effective Thermal Scanning

-Large area sanitization and sterilization (including electrostatic spray and Ultra Violet treatment for various available surfaces like glass, ceramic, wood, textile etc)

-Bioinformatics and Surveillance

-Rapid and Accurate Diagnosis kit (paper based and other point of care devices)

-AI and IOT based solution for contact-less entry

-Oxygenators and ventilators (Low cost and portable) Or

-any other related technology

The Board provides financial assistance by means of soft loans (up to 50% of project cost @ 5% simple interest per annum), Equity participation (up to a maximum of 25% of the project cost) or grant in exceptional cases, for the purpose of:- i) Encouraging the commercial application of indigenously developed technology; and ii) For adapting imported technology to wider domestic application. The proposal may indicate the desired mode of funding.


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