Procurement and Marketing Support to MSMEs

Procurement and Marketing Support (PMS) Scheme

Description: PMS Scheme has been revamped to enhance the marketability of products and services in the MSME sector. The objective is to promote new market access initiatives, create awareness and educate the MSMEs about various marketing relevant topics and development of marketability.

Nature of Assistance: Assistance available for following scheme components (A) Participation of Individual MSEs in domestic trade fairs/exhibition across the country (B) Organizing/ Participation in trade fairs/exhibitions (Regional/ National/International) by the Ministry/ Office of DC (MSME)/Government organizations (C) Capacity building of MSMEs in modern packaging technique (D) Development of Marketing Haats (E) International/National Workshops/ Seminars (F) Vendor Development Programmes: State Level Vendor Development Programmes (SLVDP) and National Level Vender Development Programme (NLVDP) (G) Awareness Programmes.

Who can apply: Individual Manufacturing/ Service MSE.

How to apply: Eligible MSEs may submit their application online at or system in place.

Procurement from Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs)

Description: The Public Procurement Policy for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) has mandated that every Central Ministry/ Department/PSU shall set an annual goal of minimum 20 per cent of the total annual purchases from the products or services produced or rendered by MSEs. However, the government recently revised the order making it compulsory for all CPSEs to procure 25% from MSEs instead of 20% of their total purchases. Out of the total annual procurement from Micro and Small Enterprises, 3 per cent from within the target shall be earmarked for procurement from Micro and Small Enterprises owned by women. A sub-target of 4% out of annual procurement is earmarked for procurement from MSEs owned by SC/ ST Entrepreneurs. MSME Sambandh portal has been launched to monitor the progress of procurement from MSEs including MSEs owned by SC/ST and women.

Who are eligible: Any Micro or Small Enterprise.

For further details on eligibility and how to apply , please get in touch with us on email at or call India MSME Helpdesk Tel. +91-22-28816486 or fill up the enquiry page on our website so we can get in touch with you.

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