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In a world of competition and rapidly evolving environment, Pharmaceutical , Nutraceuticals & Healthcare companies must find ways to enhance shareholder value, increase efficiency, improve internal controls, contain costs and manage risk.

The rapid changes in the industry demands for unique approach to risk management to successfully achieve “Corporate Governance as well as Corporate Performance.”

Based on our industry experienced professionals and a tailored risk assessment. Our Risk Advisory Services & Strategic Advisory often play a key role in risk management process of a company. We believe that it is important that we understand the objectives of our clients and then help them create value for the company. We do this by helping clients understand the key drivers of value chain and then providing Strategic & financial customised advisory services.

PHARMA & RiSiKoOur Understanding of key issues

Pharma Sector is regulated on account of its social & economic significance. The government plays a major role by way of licensing laws, patent laws,  price regulations & plant approvals. Opening up of the new emerging market, change in economy and the advent of foreign players has changed the dynamics of this segment. Some of the key issues and challenges faced by the sector as enumerated below: Surviving Competition faced by Domestic bulk drugs industry due to cheap imports.

Managing working capital to improve cash flow, particularly relevant in times of “liquidity concerns”.

Price wars between regional and local Pharma companies are driving down prices, exerting pressure on margins.

Lowering costs through a continuing review of the cost base and development of lean manufacturing techniques.

– Working within the global framework to gain advantage from lower cost production and generate sales from these powerful markets.

Developing a strategy that enables continued growth within a defined strategic plan and a clear understanding of exit options.

Continuing to develop Intellectual Property to maintain a competitive advantage based on our knowledge economy and to protect created IP.

Optimising the tax position through appropriate use of tax planning arrangements and incentives such as R&D tax credits.

Managing pensions and benefits to enhance the employment proposition at the most appropriate cost.

Developing the governance procedures that are right for the business, its risks and locations.

Developing the Internal Control & Anti Fraud Control to monitor the performance of Overseas Companies & Distribution Channels

Managing balance between “Corporate Governance & Corporate Performance” Integration of Culture , Ethics & Controls in Takeover or acquisition transactions

Our involvement in manufacturing & Pharma stems from a first class client base that enables us to keep a regular contact with the issues in the industry. We then build on this platform by meeting other manufacturing companies and discussing their issues and working with key players in the industry. Our sectoral experience accompanied by international risk advisory practices, enables us to work around solutions that add value to the clients.

We use this knowledge to support our core services and consider new and innovative ways we can help our clients achieve their objectives.We strongly believe that all that we do should be designed to add value to our clients.

PHARMA & RiSiKoOur Strategic Solution to Industry

RiSiKo Consulting LLP is a business consulting and advisory firm, specializing in risk management, turnaround strategies and scaling-up family managed businesses. The company caters to clients across industries and business environments within India, Dubai and USA.

Our team of professionals offer experience & deep industry expertise in areas of Strategic & Risk Advisory Services. We offers following Customized Advisory solutions to Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Life Science industry: –

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